Australian Florins

Australian florins were issued in the following reigns & years.

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The florin is the most widely collected of the pre-decimal coin denominations. The 1932 florin is the scarcest in the series, closely followed by 1914 H and 1915. The latter two are very rare in higher grades. Other scarce dates in higher grades are 1910, 1914, 1926 1927 and 1939. As with most Australian silver coins struck that year, the 1922 florin is usually found weakly struck.

The relatively large size and weight of the florin, combined with prominent unprotected fields in the design, make the coin succeptable to bagmarks, nicks and scratches in the manufacturing process before the coins even reached circulation.

Four commemorative florins were issued during the 53 years in which Australian florins were minted. They were the 1927 Parliament House Opening, the 1934-35 Melbourne Centenary, the 1951 50th Anniversary of Federation and the 1954 Royal Visit.

See the History of the Florin, Commonwealth Pre-Decimal Coinage and Intrinsic Values articles for more information.

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