Australian Cents

Between 1966 and 1984 the obverse portrait shows a young profile of Queen Elizabeth designed by Arnold Machin. In 1985, this was replaced by a new effigy with a more pronounced crown, designed by Raphael Maklouf.

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See the Australian Decimal Coinage article for more information.

Stuart Devlin's reverse design depicts a feathertail glider, a pigmy possum, which grows to about 15cm in length. The animal is known colloquially as the 'flying mouse'. The design shows the figure 1, 7mm high, placed to the left of the animal's head with the designer's initials, SD, between the animal's right claw and the tip of its tail.

Mint Rolls contain 50 coins. In 1967 and 1968, the rolls were wrapped by the Reserve Bank. In the other years, the Royal Australian Mint wrapped the coins. In later years, strong plastic bags containing $25 (2,500 coins) were more commonly used for transport.

Known Undated Patterns, Varieties & Errors:

Decimal Penny on One Cent BlankProbably an early pattern pre-dating Australia's move to decimal currency, the specimen is struck on a bronze, one cent blank The uncrowned effigy of the Queen on the obverse is similar in design to that used on circulation coinage between 1953 and 1964 while the reverse shows a Kookaburra with the words AUSTRALIA and PENNY.

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